I am a Writer and Filmmaker

I am 19, a content creator and a change maker. I have a passion for solving problems, building sustainable solutions and learning as much as I can about things that interest me.

If I have to describe my life in one word, that will surely be CURIOUSITY. Curiosity (and chai too) drives me every day. It has led me to thousands of questions, ideas, thoughts, etc.

✦ Building Hive School, India’s First Sales School

✦ YouTuber at An Inquisitive Storyteller


In my podcast, I talk to people I am curious about. Till now I have have spoken to content creators and entrepreneurs. 

Neuroscience of social media and teenage addictions with Dr Sid Warrier

On the podcast, I spoke to Dr Sid about the problems teenagers face, social media addiction and distraction, etc

Fueling your career with proof of work | ft. Riten Debnath

On my podcast, I spoke to Riten, the founder of We spoke about his journey of building Fueler, how to be a good entrepreneur, his learnings from his military background and the importance of sports.

Dangerous lessons taught in school with @sanjanasamraj

On this podcast, we spoke about the lessons we should we should unlearn taught in school.

The Diary of An Inquisitive Kid- Newsletter

The Diary of an Inquisitive Kid is a newsletter about creativity, ideas, lots of stories, my learnings from books, the internet and life.

I also share some of the good content I consumed that week.

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This website is my life's Encyclopedia

Top 5 Things you’ll find on this website:-

  • Stories, ideas, quotes, questions, memes
  • My Life’s Journey (My works, mistakes, learnings, goals, travels, teachings and many more)
  • Books, humour, great minds, unconventional ways of looking at things & interestingly diverse topics
  • Resources to grow in life
  • Inspiration to live life