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Whenever I used to go to my native place to my nanaji’s home, the best pass time in the afternoon was my nanaji telling stories to my cousin brother and me. That’s how I was introduced to stories.

My father introduced me to books. My father is an avid reader, so we had a lot of books at home. I loved reading comic books and fiction/story books back then. I loved Amar Chitra Katha a lot. That sparked creativity in my mind.

But then the biggest enemy came into my life- SCHOOL.

The school syllabus is outdated, no learning with curiosity, just following rules and not questioning anything. It didn’t focus on practical learning, but just on textbooks, memorization and exams

My life changed in 2020. With 24/7 internet access and the lockdown due to the Corona pandemic, I discovered Twitter’s potential, met new people and learnt a lot. I also found time to get to know myself. I started a YouTube channel called ‘An Inquisitive Storyteller’ and a Newsletter ‘The Diary of an Inquisitive Kid’.

About me

Me preparing to make my video. It’s my old setup

I have a YouTube channel An Inquisitive Storyteller, where I make content on my learnings and the projects I am working on. Here I am documenting my life in the video format

I also started writing a newsletter ‘The Diary of an Inquisitive Kid where I share my learnings, experiences from daily life, stories from books, internet and life. I also share some weekly recommendations of the content I consumed that week.

I make digital products and also sell them on Topmate. I have a bunch of products like the Second Brain Template, Content Management System, No-Code website template, etc. 

Also, I am working in the Founder’s Office ‘Hive School’, which is a sales school where we teach PGP in B2B and SAAS sales. 

Why 'Inquisitive Storyteller'?

Curious (inquisitive) + Storyteller

This is my home on the Internet.

Portfolio and Projects

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